The Scotsman Crossword and yesterday's answers 19/05/20

Here is today’s Scotsman crossword grid and clues, along with the solution for Monday.

Scotsman crossword

This is provided during lockdown for those who would like to print it off to complete.


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1 Hope and Crosby playing Hallowe’en game, while... (7)


5 ... naval town boasts two kinds of game (7)

9 Middle class loosens relations (7)

10 Rendering so riven it’s torn apart (7)

11 Pastoral carers see stings around the side (9)


12 Man U fans end up in chaos (5)

13 Withered and perished about end of year (5)

15 Formerly thoughtful, now costly (9)

16 Administers medieval “swimming test”, used so as not to blind (3,6)

18 Punches that may be knocked off, worked off or pulled up, for example (5)

21 Questionable atmosphere of cool place (5)

22 It’s not left in favourable position (5,4)

24 Red panda can put up with lash (4,3)

26 Former servant never married (3,4)

27 Some of the hungriest ate sausages on landed properties (7)

28 Starlet broadcast on satellite (7)


1 Boasted of being initially teased (7)

2 Belgian translated into another language with ... (7)

3 ... yet another language hoisting flag at front of house (5)

4 Treat is strong ie possibly causing stomach upset (15)

5 Falls down on Hamlet’s father and dies (5,2,3,5)

6 School is ruined by leaders like this master (3)

7 A giro I’m remodelling with folded paper(7)

8 Fashion certain to follow this hairstyle (7)

12 Vocal performances by one girl among several boys (5)

14 It’s brought to marriage to perform sideways (5)

16 Maim cruelly as I bled (7)

17 Rustic originally let off being nice (7)

19 Internet images to edge into online basket (4,3)

20 Fine line adopted by transmitter (7)

23 Lad it washed up in regular motion of sea (5)

25 Backhander, perhaps, handed back by union (3)