The Scotsman Crossword 22/6/20

Here is today’s Scotsman crossword grid and clues.

Scotsman crossword
Scotsman crossword

This is provided during lockdown for those who would like to print off to complete.

ACROSS1 Live with old runners who can be a pain in the neck (4)

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3 Was livid about deals that turned out to lack prudence (3-7)

Monday's crossword

10 Put forward a candidate to seek election, as intended (9)

11 Investigate thoroughly in the hope of making a good catch (5)

12 It’s all right for a police inspector, initially, to capture a forest animal (5)

13 String along the French, curling locks of hair (8)

15 It’s hard for a former pupil, in short, to pin down a strong fastener (7)

17 Sign on the bottom line to provide one with sanction (7)

19 Hides, with little hesitation, then goes off at speed (7)

21 We add on a runner, designed to be granted (7)

22 Was sorry for a writer, at one time, taken to a hospital department (8)

24 Did a plank turn over to find a type of light wood? (5)

27 A golden particle was suitable for a group of stars (5)

28 An informal party is there, first, for a left-winger (9)

29 Still, a caller was exactly the same (4,6)

30 Mechanism needed for some to engage a rookie (4)


1 Group who expected to be sober all the time (4,2,4)

2 Strange little boy got to a dance (5)

4 Following word for word, as a matter of fact, but it was a misprint (7)

5 A new day at stake, conducting a slow movement (7)

6 Was it essential for a little girl to join some volunteers, on line? (5)

7 Heard about test being applied, and was very worried about it (9)

8 Was shown the way back on line, going into a small valley (4)

9 Warn a follower about planning a change of direction (8)

14 Point to some degrees, in principle, it’s said (10)

16 Take a new Liberal into position on the dance floor (9)

18 Was late to be in attendance when exhausted (4,4)

20 Walks all over a close relative (7)

21 A single term as leader offered substance (7)

23 Head off a successful contestant near the bull (5)

25 French runner left top order with indignation (5)

26 Have a firm grip put in place to carry cargo, in the main (4)