The Scotsman Crossword 15/6/20

Here is today’s Scotsman crossword grid.

Scotsman crossword
Scotsman crossword

This is being provided during lockdown for those who would like to print off and complete.


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7 Put a stop to lecturer who’s too dull (5)

Monday's Crossword

8 Had to interview a new soldier away from public view (2,7)

10 It will allow you to get your hair done (6)

11 Was given a nudge by 4 down. It made one think (8)

12 I’m left with a boy who has been brought in from abroad (8)

13 Was obliged to lead troops in every day (4)

15 The raven, eg, turned out to be the one who retaliated (7)

17 To go on the Grand Tour, we’re told, could be hard work (7)

20 Up to the present time, one trailed after a mythical creature (4)

22 May drink some fortified wines as stiffeners (8)

25 A hymn tune not available for a poetic Faerie Queene (8)

26 Grooms, say, used metal pins north of the Border (6)

27 Hard man, initially, took on athlete about to be in control (2,3,4)

28 Arrangement for players to follow to gain success (5)


1 Acting under the influence of 4 down let one find a new place to live (4,1,4)

2 Still at a disadvantage, but told to be more relaxed (4,4)

3 I’d turn up, at the end, to interfere (7)

4 Was more punctual, so was able to help one out, at some stage (8)

5 Approach a house to work out if it could be a sports stadium (6)

6 Head off a worthless character to protect an aquatic animal (5)

9 A little bird told us they were fully engaged (2,2)

14 Record One Direction on right side, initially. They are the target audience (9)

16 Redevelop pit heaps to create lasting memorials (8)

18 Had no time to be hot-headed at church, using brute force (8)

19 Attacks a leading seaman who sets off, in the main (7)

21 Hearing your, in the past, would be quite unrefined (6)

23 Did sanctimonious characters record over another channel? (4)

24 Class have to come back with hard fabric (5)