The Scotsman Crossword 12/05/20 and yesterday's answers

Here’s The Scotsman’s crossword grid and clues for 12 May, along with the solution for Monday

Scotsman crossword

This is being provided for readers during lockdown who would like to print out the grid to fill in the crossword.


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1 Get wasted, as underground railwayman does (2,4,3,5)

Crossword 12 May

9 British colonials didn’t have much in this Indian city (7)

10 Breathe a word about church feature (7)

11 Move that puts beginner into frenzy (4)

12 and 13 Despicable people identify with boxers, for example, rolling in mud (5,4)

Solution 11 May

16 Unproductive limited access covering emergency room (7)

17 Spanish character is guy in good health, we hear (6)

19 Exchange end for leeward (6)

22 Gazed after fast-retreating fugitive following logging incident? (7)

25 and 26 Union found no lab rat involved in Mongolian city (4,5)

27 Is former scholar an inhabitant of this town? (4)

30 Use stolen telegram to start car without key (3-4)

31 One who curses first sight of one assuming (7)

32 Your rest disturbed after church season by ripping yarn (9,5)


1 Flog dish designed for piscine pet (8)

2 Politely refuse to grow old (7)

3 Nerd runs up 15 without stopping (4)

4 Throw in towel over equipment for pulling boat (7)

5 Maturer treatment of mistake notified (7)

6 Star of a bear to devour saintly inhabitant (4)

7 Record I took away to inferior imitator (7)

8 Raising agent to secure agreement over time (5)

14 Copy operatic heroine when on camera originally (5)

15 Is aware of mounds in Scotland where earth has been removed (5)

18 Marine creature being seen to drift around one, heralding no good (8)

20 Twisted arrangement made for paid let (7)

21 Face English scan of local language (7)

22 Search round the south-east to find Liverpudlian (7)

23 First-named Italian writer discovered hiding in Humber townhall (7)

24 Aggressive stance puts back up when lacking confidence (5)

28 Fifty I have brought to 10 (4)

29 Air ambulance service administers stitches (4)