Scots wanted to help Google learn regional dialects

Google wants your Scottish accent. Picture: PA
Google wants your Scottish accent. Picture: PA
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Google is searching for Scots to help record ‘speech data’ - to boost its speech recognition technologies.

An employee from the internet search giant posted a notice online, looking to recruit Scottish people to record a set of phrases, such as ‘Indy now’ or ‘Google, what’s the time?’

The three-hour task, which has to be completed by August 6, offers payment of £30 for children, and £27 for adults who carry out the task.

Scottish accents and voice-recognition technology have not always been the best of pals, as viewed in various videos across YouTube.

A popular video features a Scots desperately trying to instruct iPhone personal assistant Siri to ‘create a reminder’.

But James McDonald’s accent causes Siri no end of bother (“I don’t know what you mean by ‘Create Allemagne’”) and in the end he gives up.

Scotland’s war with voice-recognition technology could be soon a thing of the past - all for the sake of three hours work.