Scots dictionary a real brammer!

WHILE I was very pleased, by way of your newspaper, to receive the Collins Gem Scots Dictionary, quite by accident I came across the word 'brammer', and the description: "A brammer is a West of Scotland slang term for something very good: 'is that a new tie? It's a brammer'.

Having used the word very frequently in my childhood I often wondered where the word derived from but never found out - the Scots-English, English-Scots dictionary doesn't even have the word entered in its 2001 edition.

Then I heard the word being mentioned on a BBC television, education programme about locks on safes, the word being used was Bramah, as in Joseph Bramah, the English inventor. In 1784 he patented a very successful lock, which lay unpicked until 1851 despite a huge reward being offered. The name Bramah then became synonymous with the best and the word 'brammer' found its way into our Scots tongue via that source.

I find the Bramah definition more acceptable than the Brahma one. I do hope you agree.

J Mitchell, Glasgow