Scots bedroom gun-runner jailed for five years

A man who set up a gun shop from his bedroom at the home of his parents was jailed for five years yesterday.

Mr McCort yesterday returned to the High Court in Glasgow after pleading guilty to a total of 17 charges last month. Picture: John Devlin

Jamie McCort sparked a UK-wide police investigation after selling weapons online via a specialist firearms website.

The illegal haul included a Black Operations sniper air-rifle as well as gas pistols and revolvers. Mr McCort also ordered in CS gas canisters and a Taser device to be sold.

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But, the 33 year-old was snared when an eagle-eyed gun enthusiast spotted one of the weapons for sale and promptly alerted police officers.

Mr McCort yesterday returned to the High Court in Glasgow after pleading guilty to a total of 17 charges last month.

It was claimed that Mr McCort turned to crime having become “a recluse” at his parents house in Cambuslang following an earlier assault.

Judge Lady Rae told him: “What makes this matter so serious is the number of weapons involved.”

In January this year, 
Mr McCort advertised a 
starter pistol for sale on the Gunstar website which is popular amongst weapons collectors.

One man read the listing and believed that the firearm may be one that is “prohibited” before contacting police officers.

A screenshot was then taken and sent to police officers who confirmed that the weapon was one that was illegal to import into the UK.

Officers investigated and then went on to initially discover a Black Operations sniper air rifle capable of firing pellets. A silencer and telescopic sight was attached.

Two revolvers which could discharge pepper spray were also seized along with live blank cartridges.

Officers went on to find in Mr McCort’s bedroom a working electric stun gun along with CS gas canisters.

Mr McCort later admitted that he had bought the items from a French weapons website. It was then discovered a haul of gas pistols had been sold to 14 different people.

Prosecutor Bernard Ablett said: “He stated that he only sold within the UK, but could not provide details of his customer base.”

A total of 23 different police forces across the country were called upon to trace those who had bought the weapons.

The court heard that all but four of the pistols were recovered.

Mr McCort also told police that he was expecting delivery of two more firearms at his house.

The packages were intercepted and found to be German revolver-style weapons capable of discharging “irritant gas cartridges”.

Mr McCort pled guilty to a total of 17 charges including selling prohibited weapons.

Shahid Latif, defending, yesterday said that a previous attack on Mr McCort had been “catastrophic” for him with his parents describing their son as a “recluse”.

But, the lawyer added: “The clang of the prison gates has a had a salutary effect on him.”