Scotland's weather: Coldest night of autumn expected tonight

Scotland's coldest night of the autumn so far is likely tonight, with temperatures forecast to dip to -9C or lower.

The UK's lowest November temperature for six years of -9.8C was recorded at Loch Glascarnoch in the Highlands last night. Picture: Mark Vogan

It follows a six-year November low being recorded last night of -9.8C at Loch Glascarnoch beside the Garve-Ullapool road.

It was also -6.6C at Aberdeen Airport.

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Met Office figures, published by the BBC, showed expected lows tonight included -9C in Aviemore, -5C in Glasgow, -4C in Livingston and Jedburgh and -2C in Edinburgh.

However, milder conditions are expected to follow tomorrow night.

Forecaster Mark Vogan said the Loch Glascarnoch reading was the UK's lowest recorded in November since 2010.