Scotland's Dullest town to celebrate with Bland and Boring

Tedious named towns set to meet in Perthshire to celebrate the mediocre

Picture: Dull, Pertshire, TSPL

The Scottish town of Dull, which is partnered with Boring in the United States and entered into a banal axis with New South Wales town Bland in 2013, is set celebrate their “league of extraordinary communities” on Friday.

The Perthshire village is unofficially twinned with the American town of Boring, in Oregon, 5,542 miles away and Bland after residents wanted to cash in on humorous publicity by creating a trinity of tedium with Dull and Boring.

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Bland Shire, about 500 km (310 miles) west of Sydney, became the third tedious town in the “league of extraordinary communities”, which has been successful in promoting tourism to each town.

Picture: Road sign for Boring, Oregon is twinned with Dull in Scotland, TSPL

“Dull and Boring basically have a tourism relationship. We heard about it and thought it would be even better if it became Bland, Dull and Boring,” Neil Pokoney, the mayor of Bland Shire said. “It’s good for us to be able to take a light-hearted look at a name that many would see to be a weight around our necks.”

Perth and Kinross Council is preparing a civic reception for the Bland party this Friday. The event, hosted by local provost Dennis Melloy, will be held in Aberfeldy.

Iomhar Fletcher, chairman of Dull and Weem Community Council, said: “It will be great to meet up with the Mayor from Bland, show him the area and build up the good relationship we have with his home town.

“The partnership has done wonders for our small community. We are always meeting visitors who have heard about it and wanted to see the place for themselves.”

Picture: Road sign for Boring, Oregon is twinned with Dull in Scotland, TSPL