Scotland would have better terror intelligence - Alex Salmond

Alex Salmond in LBC studio
Alex Salmond in LBC studio
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FORMER First Minister Alex Salmond has claimed an independent Scotland would have better terror intelligence than England.

During his radio show, LBC listener Mick texted to say that smaller countries struggle with intelligence against the threat of groups like ISIS.

But Mr Salmond was convinced an independent Scotland would “have better intelligence” than England.

This is something one listener couldn’t believe, stating: “Are you seriously saying that from the word go, Scotland would have better intelligence services?”

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Mr Salmond replied: “I’m saying we’d have a better intelligence service and handle because we’ve got better relationships with our immigrant communities.”

“Better than England?” asked the listener, adding: “Seriously?”

Mr Salmond used the example of the Glasgow terror attacks in 2007 and said he had clashed with then Home Secretary Jacqui Smith over intelligence at the time.

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He added: “The information sources that we have from our immigrant community are better than they are in London - but London is better than Belgium.”

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