Scheme lets abuse victims ‘take control’

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A SCHEME that allows victims to report domestic abuse without having to go to a
police station is to be extended across Scotland.

Steve House, the chief constable of the new national
police service, is to announce the move at the annual conference of Scottish Women’s Aid in the Capital today.

He said the initiative would help give victims the “chance to take control” by deciding how and where to report abuse.

The remote reporting scheme means those who have suffered domestic abuse and those who have witnessed it can report offences to staff in places such as community centres, housing association offices and citizens advice

Such a scheme operates in the Strathclyde area and
will be rolled out across Scotland after the new national
police force begins work on April 1.

Mr House said: “There is no excuse for domestic abuse. By rolling out these sites across all of Scotland, we will give victims equal access to the specially-trained officers who are able to give them the support they need while vigorously pursuing those who cause such harm to victims.”