Saughton jail inmate demands McDonald’s meal in jail roof protest

Crews were called to Saughton after the bizarre stand-off. Picture: Toby Williams
Crews were called to Saughton after the bizarre stand-off. Picture: Toby Williams
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AN escaped prisoner who sneaked on to the roof of Saughton jail staged a day-long protest – and apparently threatened to jump if he wasn’t given a McDonald’s meal.

The inmate was involved in a stand-off with guards when he was heard to make the demand for a fast-food delivery.

Carer Jennifer Smith, 25, was on her way to work when she saw the prisoner on top of the building.

She said: “He was on the roof demanding a McDonald’s, saying if he didn’t get it, he was going to jump.

“I was really shocked. I just think a man shouldn’t have access to the roof in a prison.

“He’s got to have escaped to get up there, which is really concerning.”

Three fire engines and an ambulance attended the stand-off, which began at around 10am yesterday.

Friends and family who were turning up to see loved ones were informed of the stand-off but were allowed to visit as normal.

But one visitor, who did not want to be named, said inmates were threatening to riot if the man was not brought down.

She said: “All the prisoners are going mental. They’re threatening to riot if he doesn’t get down.

“They don’t want their visiting stopped which has happened before. They’re worried there will be a lockdown.”

Other visitors said they were amazed the prisoner had been able to scale the roof unnoticed, something one said would have taken the man “more than a few minutes”.

They said: “Someone’s not been doing their job right for him to get up. If he’s a prisoner then it’s got to have taken him a while to get up there.

“Where were the guards when he was doing this?”

Police said the man, understood to be in his early 20s, was brought down from the roof at around 6.30pm without a struggle and would be dealt with.