Sarkozy voodoo doll kit can be sold, court rules

A DOLL representing the French president, Nicolas Sarkozy, and an accompanying "voodoo manual" with directions for sticking pins into the figurine can remain on sale, a court has ruled – but it must carry a notice saying it harms the president's dignity.

The doll, which has been on sale since 9 October, is adorned with a choice of Sarkozy's best-known remarks, including his now-famous admonition to a heckler, "Get lost you pathetic a***hole!". It also comes with pins and instructions for sticking them into the doll.

The court ruled that the kit constituted an "offence against the personal dignity" of Sarkozy. But it said it would be "disproportionate and harmful to liberty of expression" to ban their sale outright.

It ruled the doll may be sold provided it carries a notice of the judgment attached. The manufacturers must also pay the costs of the case as well as a symbolic 1 (83p) in damages.