Sanctions hurt us

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We ARE constantly told that economics is key to the Scottish independence referendum. It is a plank in the edifice of the No campaign, nailed in place by all three mainstream Westminster parties. Yet the same parties have ostensibly signed up to sanctions against Russia.

Did these parties consult businesses, individuals, commercial and industrial interests about Westminster’s participation in this US-led action against Russia? Look at the knock-on consequences for Scotland.

Fishing ports such as Peterhead will lose out hugely in the shut-off of herring exports. This is but one of numerous trade setbacks that will hit many industries.

Few countries in the Western bloc are unaffected by what is at best a dubious move by politicians who proclaim economics to be their foremost concern – then behave as though buying and selling is of secondary importance.

And this without one single iota of evidence of blame as to the crash of a plane over a war zone in Ukraine, where many would say no civilian flights should have been permitted.

Ian Johnstone

Forman Drive