Safari park goes wild for 3D advertising campaign

HE'S already produced what may well have been the world's first 3D wedding film as a surprise for his bride-to-be.

Now Leith's Hamish Allison has gone one step further by creating what he believes is the first 3D advertising campaign by a Scottish company.

The campaign consists of at least four adverts which were shot in the summer at Blair Drummond Safari Park to promote the reopening of the park next March.

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It features some of the park's wildest animals in their natural habitats, allowing the audience to get up close and personal with them as they appear to jump out from the screen.

The adverts will be shown in cinemas across Scotland from early next year, ahead of the park reopening after the winter.

Mr Allison, 37, managing director of Leith production company Freak Films, said: "We have been championing 3D for a while and it's good to get another commercial opportunity to film with it.

"The adverts show all the animals up close. For example, we shot a vulture flying towards camera and landing in front of you.

"Everything is a little bit more emotional and realistic because it's in 3D. The audience will hopefully sit up and take notice."

The adverts also show tigers feeding on large carcases, as well as lemurs jumping and appearing to land in front of the audience.

Mr Allison and wife Kerry married at Currie Kirk on May 1, with six cameras, operated by the company's staff, filming the ceremony in 3D.

Mr Allison, who lives in Currie, said: "It's always nice to have a sort of first. Having worked on 3D stuff for so long, it's just nice to get something in the cinema.

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"Blair Drummond Safari Park was looking for something to promote the reopening, so we got in touch with them."

Park manager Gary Gilmour said: "To take the brand into cinema is exciting for us, but we were really excited when Freak Films suggested we look at 3D cinema. This way the campaign can sit alongside all the big 3D movies and really stand out."