Rowies or butteries in Edinburgh?

ALAN McLean, from Broughton, asks: “Can anyone recommend a place to get decent rowies/butteries in Edinburgh?

“As an ex-pat Aberdonian, it is the one thing I still miss. You can occasionally pick up a packet in a supermarket but as they are not fresh - they are just not as good.

“Surely someone in the Capital has warmed to the concept of the traditional North East breakfast!”

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Last week, ex-pat Aberdonian Alan McLean, from Broughton, asked if anyone could recommend a place to get decent rowies/butteries in Edinburgh?

Helen Hodge, from Leith, suggested Storries the Bakers on Leith Walk. “Give them a try - I am sure you will not be disappointed,” she said.

Karen McKenzie, from Magdalene, recommended Alexanders Bakery in Magdalene Drive. “Not being Aberdonians, I’m not sure if they are exactly what Alan is looking for, but they are much better than supermarket ones - my husband has one every morning,” she said.

Meanwhile, online reader Toby suggested Asda at Newhaven (“Buttery with a hint of salt”) and further recommendations came from an anonymous reader who believes Tesco, in Broughton, or in Nicolson Street, has what Alan is looking for.

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