Rosslyn hit by Grail diggers

FANS of The Da Vinci Code have been trying to dig their way into Rosslyn Chapel's ancient vaults to find the Holy Grail.

Visitor numbers at the Midlothian church have soared by 72 per cent since 2004 on the back of the success of Dan Brown's novel, which draws on theories linking the chapel with the holy relic.

A film version of The Da Vinci Code was released last week and quickly rocketed to the top of cinema listings nationwide.

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Iain Grimstone, Rosslyn's visitor services manager, told visitors to the church recently: "We have had them inside the chapel trying to get into the vaults.

"There are people who think the Holy Grail is hidden underneath Rosslyn."

He added: "We've also caught them trying to dig their way in from outside."