ROCK: Band switched on for tilt at big-time

Mercury Tilt Switch ***

The Bongo Club

IF YOU WERE in Mercury Tilt Switch’s shoes, you’d be glad just to have made it to this gig. The Dundonian five-piece may be their home town’s best kept secret, but they’ve taken a rather roundabout route to get here.

It’s a combination of last night’s gig in Sheffield and the subsequent sleeping in service stations which has his band so tired, lead singer Andy McGarry tells us.

Ah, the life of aspiring rock legends! You can’t help but feel that McGarry and Co. have a handle on the punishing tour schedule already, though, because - if anything - they’re a wake-up call for the audience.

The opening Hilltop Observatory shows off McGarry’s delicate, tuneful voice to its best effect, but by the time the fantastically-titled There Is No Such Thing As A Freak Wave roars into earshot, it’s reduced to a tortured shout, landlocked between the screaming guitars.

The music, largely culled from next month’s self-financed debut album Brundle Kid, is a little too berserk to be emo, too tuneful to compare to Mogwai and too serrated to liken to Idlewild. Yet all of these ring through your ears as you listen.

In the end, that’s probably something to do with the distinct aroma of Scots indie which surrounds them - sweaty T-shirts, clenched fists and pints of our finest national ale soaking into the floorboards. And all that professionalism adds up to a whole load of promise.