Richey announces engagement to psychic

FORMER Death Row inmate Kenny Richey has announced his engagement to his psychic girlfriend.

The Scot asked clairvoyant Karen Charves to be his bride six months after he was caught having an online affair with the mystic by his ex-wife, with whom he had been trying to rekindle a relationship.

Mr Richey was today reported as saying: “Things are going well for me right now. Karen and I have moved into our own place and are getting married.

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“I asked her a few weeks ago. We haven’t set a date yet though.”

Mr Richey, who spent 21 years under the threat of execution in Ohio, is now living with Karen in Mississippi and believes he has turned a corner in life.

“I haven’t had a drink since July,” he reportedly said.

“I was in rehab for five weeks and now I go to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting every week. I also have a regular therapy session.”