Restaurant review: Bonsai, Edinburgh

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ALWAYS on the look out for new sushi restaurants, I was thrilled when a friend suggested Bonsai Bar Bistro for supper. Set between Holyrood and South Clerk Street, it is a small, unassuming restaurant.

With a full menu, Bonsai covers all the sushi and sashimi basics as well as teppanyaki and teriyaki. Miso soup (£2.50) did taste slightly similar to the type that can be made by just adding hot water in your own kitchen, but at that price it is hard to complain.

Our next selection was scallop sashimi (£4.95). Disappointingly, some of the scallops were a touch gritty but they seemed very fresh and succulent. The mixed tempura (£8.95) was primarily vegetables, which were absolutely juicy and delicious, but we had disappointingly few prawns.

Those we did have were very well cooked and the tempura batter was light and not too greasy.

Tuna maki were next (£4.25 for six pieces) and were faultless. The seaweed was happily not stale and chewy and the rice nice and cool.

Aubergine and courgette teriyaki (£5.50) demonstrates how well Bonsai caters to its vegetarian customers. The sauce was great and the veg perfectly cooked. Definitely one to repeat.

Our final dish was dragon gaijin-zushi (£8.95 for eight pieces). That is tempura prawn, avocado, cucumber and mayo in an inside-out roll. Our only slight niggle was slightly overzealous application of mayo on top of the rolls.

Bonsai is a great place for a catch up with friends. However, beware that it will be near impossible to keep your neighbours from overhearing your chatters.

Food wise, you get what you pay for, but it is of the higher end in quality for it’s price bracket.

• Bonsai Bar Bistro, 46 West Richmond Street, 0131-668 3847,