Readers react to columnist's suggestion free over 60 bus pass not needed for all

Columnist Susan Dalgety set the cat among the elderly pigeons when she wrote about not taking up her free bus pass after turning 60 . . .

Susan Dalgety said that should we not claim her free bus, despite being over 60. Picture: Jane Barlow

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Susan Dalgety: I may be 60 but I won't be getting my free bus pass

“How wonderful of you. I took my free bus pass when I was 60. I also drive. I worked for 46 years . . . and I worked bloody hard too. In Scotland us old dears are so fortunate with all our freebies, aren’t we? If you don’t want to take your bus pass Susan Dalgety then that is your choice. Don’t make the pensioners who do take it feel like they shouldn’t accept it.” - Jenny Lee

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“You old people really don’t get it – paying taxes isn’t a savings account. You used that money. Your schooling, healthcare, road building, mobile and internet infrastructure spending. You haven’t paid for some luxurious end-of-life party, you’ve already used your taxes.”- Blair Houliston

“You just carry on taking selfies and leave the pension talk to the people who have spent all their lives paying into a system that supports us all. When pensioners are too poor to pay for the simple things like heating etc I find your remark very disrespectful. They don’t ask for a ‘luxurious end-of-life party’, just the basics to get by. Until you’ve spent all your life working hard and paying your taxes and NI contributions, I would suggest you get a life rather than insulting people.” -Karl Byrne

“I doubt you grasp the harsh realities that our older members of society face! It’s by no means a ‘luxurious end-of-life party’! We the younger working generations should be supporting our forefathers and thanking them for their contributions to society.” - Gemma Johnstone

“I also have worked all of my life and have a bus pass. I also drive but only use my bus pass if going into town. Why shouldn’t pensioners use a bus pass?”- Linda Gordon

“They stole my pension. They’re not taking my bus pass.” - Joyce Herriot

“The bus is not FREE. The bus company get the money back from the Government. It should be tied into retirement age. You can’t be expected to work until 67 and get a bus pass at 60!” - Jan Buckley

“I have a bus pass due to mobility problems. I could be out all round Scotland sitting on a bus all day every day for “free”. But it’s not “free”, it’s a great resource that shouldn’t be abused. Sadly I think some folk regard it as a freebie and take advantage. They’re the ones who will mess it up for everyone.” - Suzy Cargill

“If people aged 60 and beyond use their bus pass they will get out and about, be less socially isolated, be fitter and more mobile and potentially have better health and social care outcomes.”- Esther Pickens