Readers’ queries

WITH the city’s controversial new tram line set to break its budget yet again, this topical question has come in from Simon Richards, who is wondering if any readers have information about what construction of the original tram, built in 1871, was like.

Q “I am very interested in finding out just what it was like, if anyone heard stories from their parents or grandparents, about the building work and what people at the time thought about it,” he writes. “It would be interesting to know if that came in on budget and whether or not it was something residents at the time were in favour of, but there’s not a huge amount of information available.

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“I would also like to find out more about people’s experiences – what it was actually like to use, and how much a basic fare cost. I just think it would make a very interesting comparison.”

Anyone who thinks they can help can e-mail us at [email protected] or write to Readers Queries using the address below.