Rapist who kept victims imprisoned jailed

Morrison was sentenced to eight years at the High Court in Edinburgh. Picture: Scott Louden
Morrison was sentenced to eight years at the High Court in Edinburgh. Picture: Scott Louden
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A RAPIST was jailed for eight years today after committing a series of sex attacks on women.

Calan Morrison left women trapped in a locked flat and told one sobbing victim after a painful assault: “See, you did enjoy it.”

Morrison, 29, attacked the woman in a bedroom after she emerged from a shower and left her feeling “violated, hurt, upset, like a piece of meat”.

The 25-year-old said Morrison bent her over and indecently assaulted her. “He had his hand over my mouth. He put his hand over my mouth when I first let out a scream,” she said.

The woman told the High Court in Edinburgh: “I just kept crying and moaning in pain.”

Advocate depute Alan Mackay asked her if Morrison said anything to her after the attack and she replied: “Yes, ‘See you did enjoy it’.”

Morrison, known as Teddy, was earlier convicted of raping a woman at a house in the Fernhill area of Glasgow and at Galston, in Ayrshire, and indecently assaulting another victim at houses in Clydebank and Elderslie, in Renfrewshire.

He was also found guilty of abducting two women who were left locked in a flat in the Faifley area of Clydebank without food, hot water or heating.

The convicted sex offender was cleared of further charges of rape and assault by a jury.

Morrison, who has five children by five different partners, has a previous conviction for sex with an underage girl.

One woman told his trial that he used to grab her by her ponytail and swing her about. She said on one occasion he grabbed her hair while it was tied back and forced her into an oral sex act.

“He had put his thumb at the side of my mouth in between my teeth. I think that was so I couldn’t bite,” she said.

One victim said that she was repeatedly locked in a flat by Morrison. “I could never take the dog out for a walk. The dog used to defecate in the house,” she said.

“There was electricity, but there was no heating. It was really cold,” she said.

“I had asked him when he was going out if he would post the keys back through the letterbox so that I could go out, take the dog out and just not be trapped in the house. He said he couldn’t do that,” she said.

“There was one occasion he went away for five days and I started to panic,” she said.

The woman said she was in the house with the dog and a bag of rice to eat. “I made up the rice and gave the dog some and some for me. I ended up running out about the fourth day,” she said.

She said she had no money on her phone but managed to send a text to an acquaintance and the door of the top floor flat was broken down in 2005.

Another 29-year-old woman told Morrison’s trial: “I was constantly locked in the house. He constantly wasn’t there. I sat in the flat with no heating and no hot water.”

The woman said that she was left feeling in 2004 that her self-esteem had hit “rock bottom”.

One woman who was raped by Morrison last year said: “I said ‘no’ about 100 times. I don’t see how that could be consensual.”

Morrison ripped open her dress and took off her tights and pants and put a hand over her mouth during the sex attack.

The woman said: “I made it quite clear from the start I didn’t want to sleep with him.”

“I see no logical reason why I would rip my own dress. I liked that dress,” she said.

Morrison said: “She said she was going to hurt me the best way she knew how and ripped her dress.”

He told the jury that the woman “ended up going off her head at me” after he failed to get an erection to have sex with her.

Former college student Morrison, who had denied the offences, accused women in the case of lying.

Defence counsel Ian Duguid QC said a background report prepared on Morrison was “not favourable” so far as the sex offender was concerned.

Lord Brailsford said: “These offences were perpetrated against three individual ladies.”

The judge said it was noted that he had demonstrated “minimal insight” into the offences and the effect they may had on victims.

He ordered that Morrison should be kept under supervision for a further two years.

Morrison was placed on the sex offenders’ register.