Rape case Study: Emma’s story

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EMMA was in a violent relationship for a year before she found the courage to talk to police.

The 40-year-old Scot, whose name has been changed to protect her identity, said: “My boyfriend was reported for domestic violence, sexual abuse and emotional abuse in December last year.

“The first report was not about rape. I didn’t call it rape. But I spoke to someone from Scottish Women’s Aid and she said what you are talking about is rape, you need to change your statement. So I went to the police station again.

“But the police never seemed to think my ex-boyfriend was guilty. They went after me instead.

“They detained me for two hours. I was thrown in a cell. They put me under pressure to change my statement.”

Emma was detained in February and the threat of prosecution and charges being brought were hanging over her until May, when she was told by the procurator fiscal that the case against her would not be pursued.

“I feel the justice system has treated me in a horrible way,” she said. “I feel reporting it just added to the damage I had already suffered.”