Rain reveals chiselled features in rock face

TWO walkers were left baffled when a downpour of rain uncovered a the shape of a human face carved into rock.

The image – painstakingly chiselled out of red sandstone – is thought to be more than a century old, but had remained hidden under layers of moss for years.

It was found in a glen along a popular rambling route on the outskirts of Kilsyth, Lanarkshire, by local Gerry Callahan who had sheltered from the elements under a rocky outcrop.

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While resting on a stone ledge, he spotted the outline of what appeared to be a human eye carved into the surface.

Using his hands, he removed more moss and dirt and was astonished when he soon realised a stone face was staring back at him.

He first called his friend Robert Bell to examine the find, and they contacted local historian Willie Chalmers. Mr Chalmers, 73, believes it may be linked to a nearby mine shaft that was taken out of use about a century ago.

He said: "Years ago the glens around Kilsyth were full of smallholdings. A hundred years ago there would have been plenty of miners and quarrymen about in the hills, so I imagine it was probably one of them.

"The face is next to an air vent for one of the old mine shafts. It's a nice place to sit. Many of these miners and quarrymen were very artistic people.

"But I really couldn't say who carved the face, or who the person in the carving is."