Quit smoking call ahead of display ban

PEOPLE in Scotland are being encouraged to try to quit smoking in 2010 as ministers prepare to push for further restrictions on tobacco sales.

MSPs are expected to ban tobacco displays in shops and cigarette vending machines later this month.

Public health minister Shona Robison said: "Quitting smoking is the biggest single thing anyone can do to improve their health, so I hope as many people as possible will make 2010 the year they give up for good."

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She said she hopes the legislation will help reduce the number of young people taking up the habit.

The bill also proposes to bring in fixed-penalty notices for retailers who sell cigarettes to under-18s.

Banning orders will prevent retailers selling cigarettes if they continually flout the law.

Labour and the Liberal Democrats broadly support the plan but Tories are opposed, in part because of what they claim is "flimsy evidence" in the link between advertising and youth smoking.

The Scottish Government said more than 60,000 attempts to quit were made in 2008-09 and 23,126 people managed to kick the habit.

Smoking is responsible for around 13,000 deaths a year.