Prince Harry-inspired rap is an online smash for Edinburgh student

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A VIDEO showing an Edinburgh Prince Harry lookalike doing a zany rap has become an internet ­sensation.

In the hilarious video Roddy Walker pretends to be the prince while rapping along to the backing track from popular television show The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Roddy Walker as Prince Harry in his  Fresh Prince of Bel Air Rap on YouTube

Roddy Walker as Prince Harry in his Fresh Prince of Bel Air Rap on YouTube

Dressed in a beret and military-style jacket, the royal replica raps lyrics including: “You got oh so much money and you live in a palace. . . you got guns and a tank and a beret from Paris.”

The YouTube video of the Queen Margaret University student has had nearly 7000 hits in just a couple of weeks – catapulting the royal dead ringer into a round of engagements and promotional work.

Last night Roddy, who’s amazed how quickly the video has taken off, said: “It would be nice to meet him at some point to see what he thinks. I am sure that we would get up to some mischief together.”

Roddy, who graduated from Queen Margaret Drama School two years ago with a BA with distinction in Acting Performance, created the rap parody alongside friends Adam Drew and Guy Hayward.

Roddy Walker  as Prince Harry

Roddy Walker as Prince Harry

The 25-year-old said: “The video itself took about four days to film, which is really rather quick. The shoot was well organised and surprisingly slick.”

The risque lyrics cover everything from William and Kate’s wedding to the separate nude picture scandals that have rocked the royal family, and Prince Harry’s deployment to ­Afghanistan.

It’s not the first time Roddy has impersonated the young prince either.

Looking remarkably similar to HRH, Roddy quickly realised the potential in having a famous double and has impersonated the young prince numerous times, including posing for shots for photographer Alison Jackson. Jackson’s recent book ‘Exposed’ features spoof celebrity lookalikes that would have even the most eagle-eyed reader do a double-take.

Roddy has even appeared in a nude spread created by Jackson for Cosmopolitan, posing alongside a Prince William double, with only a well-placed trophy guarding his modesty. The shots were used in the 40th anniversary edition of the magazine, with some of the proceeds from the pictures going to testicular cancer charity Everyman.

Roddy has been told he looks like the young Windsor for most of his life: “It probably started when I was about 13. My friends used to make fun of me for it, but since I got flown out to Australia to impersonate him at Fashion Week in Sydney they’ve changed their tune a bit. Now they’re all desperately trying to work out which celebrity they could impersonate.”

He added: “As a character, Harry is brilliant. Because of him, anything scandalous and cheeky I am allowed to get away with, so it is great fun.”

And Roddy doesn’t think the real prince would have a problem with his homage: “I’m pretty sure he has actually seen it and to be honest I think he has got to find it quite funny. It is all quite tonguein cheek.”

The Rap

Now this is the story all about me

the fresh ginger prince of English royalty;

I’m a bad-boi brutha, i’m a brotherf*****’ heir;

But would someone get me out of this weird spinning chair?

In rough estates I was born and raised, in the rugged acres where the llamas grazed;

Chillin’ with my homies, poppin’ caps in their a****, doing lots of painting and life-drawing classes;

Then a couple of girls took pictures of me starkers;

(It’s good you didn’t see what they then did with magic markers);

Them b****** really got me into trouble with my gran;

And now I gotta fight some war in Afghanistan.

Harry Harry Harry, oi oi oi, the boy girls want to marry, and ride in a Ferrari, while playing Hubert Parry