Prickly pear offers new remedy for jet lag

Jetlag is a common complaint of long-haul passengers. Picture: TSPL
Jetlag is a common complaint of long-haul passengers. Picture: TSPL
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SCOTTISH scientists have made a breakthrough in combating holiday jet lag after developing a revolutionary new treatment made from an exotic cactus fruit.

The £2.50 tablet, derived from the extracts of prickly pear skin, has had “remarkable” success in tackling the often debilitating effects of the common travel woe.

Originally manufactured to help prevent fatigue in commercial scuba divers in the Mediterranean, trials on air passengers were so successful it is now being marketed primarily as a jet lag cure.

The Protex-H tablet has been developed by Argyll-based Bradan Limited, which specialises in aqua-culture and scientific research for the fishing industry.

Professor Ronald Roberts, the company’s director, said tests had produced “remarkable” results.

He said: “As an international scientist, over the past 40 years I have had to travel extensively by air. It had been my personal experience that the very debilitating jet lag that I suffered had, until recently, got worse rather than better with age.

“I heard about the use of prickly pear extract to reduce fatigue in commercial divers and that led us to carry out our own studies.

“The supplement was taken regularly by myself and many of my medical colleagues whenever travelling across five or more time zones. All were seasoned travellers and initially sceptical about the likely benefit of a cactus fruit extract. The results have belied all our preconceptions.”

Protex-H was tested on air passengers who made regular trips around the world. Almost all suffered some degree of fatigue without the pill, but it was all but eradicated with just one dose.