Price cut on Craig Whyte’s former castle home

THE PRICE of a repossessed Highland Castle once owned by former Rangers owner Craig Whyte has been reduced by £100,000 in a bid to find a buyer, it was reported today.

Castle Grant still sits unsold, three months after being placed on the market. Picture: Contributed

Castle Grant has not attracted any bids in the three months it has been on the market. The property was originally valued at £1.1 million, however the lack of interest has forced the estate agents to drop the asking price to £1 million in a bid to sell it.

A local told the Daily Record that the property was still being patrolled by security teams, they said: “The security guys are still there. There are two vans and I could hear dogs barking. All the gates are still locked – double padlocks on all the gates – and patrolling with their guard dogs. Are they worried about vandalism or are they worried about Craig Whyte trying to get back into the castle? They might even be worried about vandalism by Rangers or Celtic fans even though he doesn’t own it any more.”

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The four-storey castle has a landscaped loch and 35 acres of private land. It also has a ballroom, cinema, four bedrooms, a guest wing and a hot-tub in the garden.

The loch within the castle's grounds. Picture: Contributed

Whyte purchased the property for £720,000 in 2006 but fell into arrears forcing the Bank of Scotland to take legal action against him and the property was repossessed.