Pregnancy risk puts employers off women

MORE than three-quarters of bosses would not take on a woman recruit if they knew she would become pregnant within six months of starting a job, a survey has revealed.

The UK-wide survey of male and female bosses and personnel managers found that during the selection process 52 per cent will weigh up the chances of a candidate getting pregnant, taking into account age and whether they have just got married – although a direct question to a prospective member of staff cannot be asked.

The survey found 68 per cent would like more rights to quiz candidates about their plans for a family.

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Only five per cent of bosses have employed someone knowing the candidate is pregnant and a total of 76 per cent said they would not take on a new recruit if they knew they were going to become pregnant within six months of starting.

The findings come in the wake of Channel Five newsreader Natasha Kaplinsky telling her employers she was three months pregnant just six weeks into her new job.

Peter Mooney, head of consultancy at Employment Law Advisory Services, said UK bosses still shy away from employing a candidate who was pregnant despite legislation to outlaw discrimination.