Pre-Christmas campaign to stamp out fake goods

A NEW campaign has been launched targeting the black market trade in counterfeit goods.

Over the course of the next month, Scotland Crimestoppers and Trading Standards will be urging shoppers to report incidents where they see fake goods.

The month-long campaign by Crimestoppers will see councils across Scotland receiving new intelligence on those involved in counterfeit crime. Organised crime groups use the trade in fake goods to generate profit and to fund serious crime, including drug dealing, human trafficking and firearms.

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However, a survey by Crimestoppers found 30 per cent of people questioned did not know that buying fake goods might fund serious organised crime.

Kate Jackson, of Scotland Crimestoppers, said: "Christmas is a time when many are trying to find ways to reduce costs. I would urge the public not to be tempted to buy fake goods. The consequences are far wider than the simple transaction."

Detective Chief Inspector Ronnie Megaughin, head of interventions at the Scottish Crime and Drug Enforcement Agency, said: "The public have a vital role to play. They can refuse to buy these illegal and often unsafe products, and they can anonymously share what they know about the people involved in this crime."