Pothole issue raised to council

An Ellon councillor has contacted officers at Aberdeenshire Council regarding the poor road surface at the town’s Balmacassie Industrial Estate.

Ellon & District councillor Gillian Owen at Balmacassie Industrial Estate
Ellon & District councillor Gillian Owen at Balmacassie Industrial Estate

A recent visit to the Household Waste and Recycling Centre prompted Ellon and District councillor Gillian Owen to take action.

Commenting on the issue cllr Owen said: “I feel like I’m watching ‘Groundhog Day’ again, the potholes have re-appeared and are particularly bad along the stretch of road to the Recycling Centre.

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“I hope remedial action is taken urgently but I also feel it’s time that the Officer put the top surface on this stretch of road.

“The Recycling Centre is in constant use while open and with the new Bulking Centre there are considerably more HGVs using this road.”

Replying to cllr Owen’s concerns a spokesperson at Aberdeenshire Council said: “We accepted an obligation to do maintenance which began last summer, and this will continue until the overall site has been further developed.

“However, we have delayed some of the work to allow for projects to complete at Balmacassie, to ensure that the work we undertake can be robust and long-term.

“We are currently looking at intermediate temporary measures which could be put in place in the short term, as mitigation.”