Porridge boosts your sex life, claims firm

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FORGET images of Scotsmen and Quakers, porridge is now being aimed as an adult breakfast cereal because of its libido-boosting qualities for early risers.

The latest brand is even calling itself Morning Glory, boasting of what it can do for those who prefer more than just breakfast in bed.

Porridge has long been recommended as a good start to the day for both adults and children because of the amount of slow-burn energy it provides. Children still tend to prefer sugary cereals promoted by cartoon tigers and honey-loving monsters so porridge is taking advantage of the double meaning of the phrase "get your oats".

It is now being described as "an orgasmic breakfast-in-bed". Morning Glory is made by Rude Health, a cereal company whose fans already include the famously suggestive cook, Nigella Lawson, among others.

It contains organic British oats which the makers claim "enhances libido by re-balancing oestrogen and testosterone levels to help keep your stamina up all morning".

Pumpkin seeds are added which contain zinc "for a high-octane sex-drive boost" as well as barley, rye and quinoa flakes "for a cheeky wake-up crunch".

While the claims may sound cheeky, they are not the first to extol the qualities of oats for breakfast. Previous medical studies show oats can improve sex drive, help hangovers, prevent heart disease, fight infections, heal skin and even help smokers to quit because they have a calming effect on the nervous system.

Rude Health also has a porridge called Fruity Date – the picture on the packaging shows two pairs of feet sticking out of the end of a duvet.