Yes campaigners form new body to target floating Scottish Independence voters

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Cross-party Yes campaigners are to rally undecided voters in a bid to increase backing for an independent Scotland.

According to a report in The National, leaders of the Scottish Independence Convention (SIC) said there was growing frustration in the Yes movement over how to increase the public's appetite for independence.

Scottish Independence campaigners in Edinburgh last October. Picture: Andrew Milligan/PA Wire

Scottish Independence campaigners in Edinburgh last October. Picture: Andrew Milligan/PA Wire

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In a joint statement, convenor Maggie Chapman and vice-convenor Iain Black, urged people to get involved with a new initiative - Voices for Scotland - to encourage members to speak to undecided voters to persuade them to back independence.

The statement read: “In the wake of the Prime Minister’s refusal to transfer the power to hold referenda to Holyrood, there’s a growing frustration amongst many in the Yes movement about how we can best build the case for independence now as the prospect of a referendum in 2020 looks extremely unlikely.

"It is therefore no surprise that calls from indy supporters for a new Yes campaign are growing louder.”

An initial plea for a new campaigning body came from the SNP’s former strategic communications chief, Kevin Pringle.

He called on the “entire Yes movement to make the case for independence unassailable”.

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The statement added: “Voices for Scotland is the organisation and campaign that satisfies that thirst for action. Set up in 2019 by the Scottish Independence Convention (which includes the SNP, Scottish Green Party, Women for Independece, Business for Scotland and many other groups), Voices for Scotland ( is a non-party, civic organisation that aims to facilitate big conversations about Scotland’s future and grow support for independence.

“Voices aims to grow support for independence by speaking to the indy-curious, the undecided and those not currently engaged with the constitutional question of Scottish sovereignty.

“We need to start now so that when a referendum does come, the public is informed, involved and is confident about supporting independence for Scotland. Based on an internationally successful campaign model, Voices is a decentralised, highly local campaign with inclusive, respectful conversation at the heart of what we do.”

They added: “If you are looking for a new independence campaign that will grow support for the movement, then look no further than Voices for Scotland. Together, we can create a Scotland for everyone.”

The Scottish Greens will launch a new campaign for independence next Friday, on Brexit Day.