Women suffering job ‘segregation’, MSPs find

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WOMEN are being segregated into low-paid and low-status work, MSPs have found.

They are subjected to “occupational segregation”, clustered in certain jobs such as caring, cleaning and clerical work, according to Holyrood’s equal opportunities committee.

A “glass ceiling” still separates women from boardroom jobs, while they also receive unequal pay to men, the committee’s inquiry into the unequal participation of women in work found.

They have called for evidence from experts on ways to address issues, such as the impact of shift working, rising competition from men in the part-time jobs market, and employers’ reactions to flexible working requests.

Committee convener Mary Fee said: “The current economic climate has had a negative impact on a number of areas within our society, including rocketing levels of unemployment, particularly affecting women.

“The committee’s inquiry has identified the issues acting as barriers on women’s full participation in the workforce. These include everything from the impact of the glass ceiling, to women being segregated in low-paid, low-status work, to the lack of available childcare.”