Video: Willie Rennie caught off guard by amorous pigs

'NEVER work with children or animals' was the stark warning issued by WC Fields, and Willie Rennie found out exactly why while on the campaign trail today.

Willie Rennie delivers his piece to camera, despite the pigs' best efforts to upstage the politician. Picture: Twitter/BBCPhilipSim

The Scottish Liberal Democrat leader was on a visit to Gorgie City Farm, and met several residents, including a snake called Dougal and Ice the Bearded Dragon, before moving outside to meet the farm’s resident pigs.

Mr Rennie wasn’t afraid to get his hands dirty, and helped to shovel some dung as well as having a wheelbarrow stolen by two of the pigs.

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But the real talking point of Mr Rennie’s visit to the farm - which The Scotsman understands was to promote vocational education and work experience opportunities - was still to come.

Standing in front of the pig pen, Mr Rennie spoke to BBC reporter Philip Sim about the visit and why he was there.

Mr Rennie explained: “We like to organise our visits, to send a message in pictorial terms, exactly what we’re asking for.

“And I think this does it very well today. I don’t quite know how, but it does.”

Unbeknownst to Mr Rennie, however, a particularly amorous pig - as seen in the short video - decided to upstage the piece-to-camera by attempting relations with a fellow hog.

Mr Rennie was quick to tweet in response to the clip: “The British Board of Film Classification are now insisting they review all future visits before publication.”

We’re sure this wasn’t what Mr Rennie was asking for, in pictorial terms or otherwise, but fair play to the Scottish Lib Dem leader for maintaining his composure.