Video: Alex Salmond challenged to fight by William Wallace

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FORMER First Minster Alex Salmond was challenged to a fight by a man claiming to be William Wallace during his live radio phone-in show.

The caller, who was at first introduced as “Bill” claimed his real name was William Wallace before accusing Salmond of “holding England to ransom”.

Alex Salmond was challenged by the calller on his LBC radio phone in. Picture: PA

Alex Salmond was challenged by the calller on his LBC radio phone in. Picture: PA

Mr Wallace, who said he was 75, made the call to Salmond’s weekly LBC Radio show earlier this afternoon.

He said he was born in Scotland but had lived in England since 1955.

Salmond seemed amused by the caller when he first heard his name, joking: “What you doing in Brentwood?” but Mr Wallace angrily replied: “What you doing in London? That’s what I want to know.”

Mr Wallace then accused Salmond of “holding England to ransom” and challenged him to a fight live on air.

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He said: “I’ve lived in England 60 years right, and the English people are brilliant pal. I’ve lived here 60 years. You’re just holding England to ransom, aren’t you? When are you going to have another election about leaving that’s what you’re up to isn’t?”

Salmond replied: “William Wallace, I’m not so sure you’re living up to your ancestor there,” to which he replied: “Well I tell you what I’m living up to my ancestor, I’m 75 and I’ll fight you any time.”

The other William Wallace was betrayed and taken to London after fighting in Scotland.

He was condemned for treason and sentenced to be hanged, drawn and quartered in August 1305.

He was portrayed by Mel Gibson in the 1995 Hollywood blockbuster Braveheart,