Union threat of industrial action over janitorial cuts in North Lanarkshire

Members of GMB Scotland could consider industrial action over North Lanarkshire Council’s decision to impose changes to school janitorial services.

As previously reported the Transformation and Digitalisation Committee agreed a £2 million spending cut to the Facilities Service which could lose 43 jobs and leave janitors £4000 a year out of pocket in lost overtime.

Delegates from three trade unions – the GMB, Unite and Unison – criticised the committee for not holding a formal trade union consultation.

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GMB will now consult is members affected on its next steps, including the possibility of moving to an industrial action ballot.

GMB Scotland Organiser Benny Rankin said: “These changes to our members’ jobs, and contractual terms and conditions were imposed by the committee. There was no consultation with trade unions.

“It’s time politicians at all levels stopped playing the grievance card and constitutional blame games. Did they come into politics to make difference or to oversee the management of decline?

“North Lanarkshire Council’s elected representatives and officials can be assured that GMB will do everything we can to fight these cuts to our members’ livelihoods.”