Union supports referendum on final deal

Kenny MacAskill accused Jeremy Corbyn of stirring up xenophobia (Picture: John Linton/PA)
Kenny MacAskill accused Jeremy Corbyn of stirring up xenophobia (Picture: John Linton/PA)
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Members of the UK’s biggest trade union strongly support a referendum on the Brexit deal, according to a new poll which delivers a blow to Jeremy Corbyn.

A YouGov survey of almost 1,000 Unite members found they support a People’s Vote on the final Brexit deal by a margin of 57 to 34 per cent.

Almost one-quarter (24 per cent) of those who voted Leave agreed with this demand.

Support for a People’s Vote was even stronger north of the border where members of the Len McCluskey-led union backed a second poll by a margin of 70 per cent to 25 per cent.

Corbyn’s failure to support a second vote has frustrated many within the Labour Party. His absence from the recent People’s Vote demonstration in London led to activists shouting: “Where’s Jeremy Corbyn?”

Scottish Labour leader Richard Leonard has also come under fire from Remainers who criticise him for not advocating a soft enough Brexit.

Two-thirds of Unite members said they did not trust the UK Labour leader very much on Brexit. They also said they opposed the approach taken by Labour by a margin of 52 to 29 per cent.

The poll also disclosed that most Unite members prefer prioritising free trade with the EU to limiting immigration by 
a margin of more than two to one – 61 to 30 per cent.

They believe Britain will be worse off outside the Single Market by a margin of 58 to 21 per cent.

Baroness Margaret Prosser, a former deputy general secretary of the old T&GWU which merged into Unite, said: “This is not about playing games in Westminster but about real lives that are going to be affected by Brexit.

“There are growing calls for a People’s Vote on a final Brexit deal and they go far beyond traditional party politics.”