Ukip’s David Coburn loses deposit in Falkirk

David Coburn. Picture: Michael Gillen
David Coburn. Picture: Michael Gillen
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SCOTLAND’S sole elected UKIP representative, David Coburn, lost his deposit in the Falkirk constituency after gaining only 3% of the vote.

Coburn was elected as an MEP last year in the Scottish European elections where his party took the fourth largest share of the vote, and over 12% of the local vote in Falkirk.

Coburn had declared during the campaign that he was set to win a majority in the seat.

He was criticised by all Scottish party leaders in March following remarks made to the Daily Mail where he compared SNP external affairs minister, Humza Yousaf, to convicted Islamic terrorist, Abu Hamza.

The seat went to the SNP’s John McNally who won over 34,000 votes, accounting for well over 50% of the votes counted. Coburn congratulated his “gallant opponent” but insisted that the SNP must still respect the result of the referendum regardless of the monumental gains made throughout Scotland. He also stated that he intends to stand again in the area for the Holyrood elections next year despite the heavy defeat.

John McNally thanked his election team and family, and made an assurance to his new constituents that he “must now repay the people of Falkirk who have put their trust in him”

The election in Falkirk would determine the successor of former MP, Eric Joyce, who resigned from the Labour party following a brawl in a Westminster bar before announcing that he would not seek re-election.

The defeated Whitefield told the Scotsman: “It’s a disappointing night for Scottish Labour. I don’t regret Labour’s position, I still believe Scotland is better off in the United Kingdom.”