Tunnock’s view on referendum doesn’t taste so sweet for Alex Salmond

Salmond: an avowed fan of Tunnock's cakes. Picture: Phil Wilkinson
Salmond: an avowed fan of Tunnock's cakes. Picture: Phil Wilkinson
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ALEX Salmond is an avowed fan of the traditional Scottish biscuits produced by Tunnock’s, the Uddingston-based family business responsible for creating the famous Caramels and Tea Cakes.

The First Minister has visited the biscuit factory, and in Holyrood he revealed that Tunnock’s tea cakes were served up when Rupert Murdoch visited him for a cup of tea at Bute House.

He would perhaps be less fond of the views expressed by Boyd Tunnock, the managing director of Tunnock’s, whose contribution to the UK government’s referendum consultation was at odds with the SNP.

Mr Tunnock was one of several prominent business figures to call for the referendum to be held sooner rather than later.

“As a reasonably large employer in Scotland, I feel that the referendum should take place as soon as possible,” Mr Tunnock said.

“The United Kingdom has been good for our trade with the world and we have, over the years, developed a stable market in the Middle East, America and other areas around the world.

“The last thing I want to see is Scotland splitting from the UK, as being part of it, I feel, gives us a stable home and export market,” the businessman said.