Tory brands First Minister ‘agitator in chief’

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Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson today accused First Minister Alex Salmond of acting like an “agitator in chief” and urged him to get on with what he was elected to do.

In her New Year message she called for a referendum “sooner rather than later” and pledged to make the case that Scotland is better off in Britain.

She said: “When ordinary Scots are worried about their job, making ends meet and their children’s futures, it can seem anachronistic for politicians to spend so much time talking about the constitution.

“People are right to wonder why, but it is the elephant in the room.

“I want nothing more than for Scottish MSPs to do what they were elected to do and for the Scottish Government to do what it was elected to do – represent the people of Scotland and work hard to improve the health, education, justice and culture of our nation.”