Tory MP Ross Thomson: Scottish Government is '˜sacrificing individual freedom'

A Conservative MP has claimed the Scottish Government is '˜sacrificing individual freedoms' in a scathing attack on SNP policies ranging from education to health.

Ross Thomson was elected to Westminster in 2017

Ross Thomson, who represents Aberdeen South, said Nationalist-led reforms had “centralised power to an unprecedented degree in Edinburgh”.

In a blog post on the right-wing Conservatives for Liberty website, Mr Thomson also criticised Nicola Sturgeon’s controversial Named Person policy. “Fundamentally, Nicola Sturgeon believes she knows everything better than you, even, chillingly, when it comes to raising your children,” he wrote.

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The SNP described Mr Thomson’s argument as “embarrassing”.

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The Scots Tory MP, who was elected to Westminster in 2017 following a short spell as an MSP, continued: “The nationalist administration doggedly pursued a scheme to appoint a Named Person or ‘state guardian’ for every child under-18 in order to ‘monitor what children and young people need’ with the ‘power to assess well-being’.

“Thus, removing quite a sacred right of a parent being allowed to determine these things themselves and to raise their own child. This really is 1984 stuff.

“Thank goodness the SNP were stopped in their tracks with this offensive scheme by the UK Supreme Court.

“From policing to education, the SNP have a top-down authoritarian, one size fits all approach. Like nationalists everywhere, they sacrifice individual freedoms – our freedoms – on the altar of their nationalist agenda.”

SNP MSP Gillian Martin said: “This ridiculous, embarrassing blog post tells you everything you need to know about the moral and intellectual vacuum that is Ross Thomson.”