Tory minority has ‘no right to govern’ says John McDonnell

John McDonnell has said that May's government has no right to govern.
John McDonnell has said that May's government has no right to govern.
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Theresa May’s minority administration has “no right to govern”, shadow chancellor John McDonnell has said.

Mr McDonnell insisted people have the right to be angry at the political situation, but urged so-called “day of rage” protesters to remain peaceful as the Prime Minister sets out her legislative agenda in the Queen’s Speech.

The shadow chancellor called for the Tories to stand down so Labour could form a minority government.

He told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “They haven’t got an overall majority. So, yes, they have got the right to bring forward their own programme, but I don’t believe, actually, that they are legitimate in the sense that they have got a mandate that they asked for.

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“We are now in a situation where I don’t think they have got the right to govern. However, they are now bringing forward their programme. We’ll seek to amend it. I think there is such disarray now, in the interest of the country, they should stand down and give Labour the opportunity of forming a minority government

“They have actually junked the manifesto on which they fought the election, so they have now got no manifesto.”

Mr McDonnell called on anti-Government demonstrators to avoid violence.

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“People have the right to express anger in this country. Violence does not work, it’s counter-productive.You lose the message in violence.”

Referring to previous comments he made regarding “insurrection”, Mr McDonnell said: “What I said was, in the old days we used to call it insurrection, now we call it direct action and demonstrations, and, of course, democracy is about debate and discussion.”