'Too many rules by top-heavy guns' - SSTA teaching union

The president of one of Scotland's leading teaching unions says the profession will not improve unless there is an end to 'more rules and governance by top-heavy big guns.'

Teachers say they want more time to teach pupils.
Teachers say they want more time to teach pupils.

Euan Duncan, president of the Scottish Secondary Teachers’ Association, due to speak on the opening day of the association’s 73rd annual congress in Crieff today, said: “A jaded profession cannot sparkle. The ship is wobbling. If Scottish education is to retain its sheen it needs more than a bit of spit and polish.

“Having asked the experts, teachers, what would make things work the way they should, it’s time for politicians to start listening.

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“We have had plenty of change in recent years, and what we really need now is time for reflection, time for consolidation, time to teach, time to lead, and the resources to do it well.”

Mr Duncan added: “If the Cabinet Secretary for Education is serious about improving education, he needs to give teachers time to teach so that we can keep putting pupils first.

“This is not about lengthy statements from Education Scotland or long improvement documents, it is about reducing the amount of teacher class-contact time to allow teachers to carry out the vital tasks that keep afloat the success of that learning for every child.

“The constant overflow of words from Education Scotland needs to be stiffly translated into time to enable every educator to work smartly, effectively and rightly for every child. Teachers are looking for assistance, not advice.”