Third of Scots back UK split

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ABOUT a third of Scots back independence, according to the latest polling evidence.

The Panelbase survey found 34 per cent agreed the country should be independent, with 47 per cent opposed.

Independence campaigners say they need a swing of seven percentage points to forge ahead and there is a “long way to go”.

The figures show those in favour of Scotland leaving the UK have fallen by three points since October, with those against up two points.

However, the number of people still to make up their minds also increased by two points, to 19 per cent.

The findings come after a survey of social attitudes published last week, based on research from last year, put support for independence at just 23 per cent – a return to a previous low point in 2010.

The latest poll also put some of the claims arising from the debate to voters, including the country’s status in the EU, defence and North Sea oil revenues. It found 60 per cent of the 800 respondents agreed an independent Scotland would not automatically become an EU member.

Asked how it shaped their views on voting, a third said they would be less likely to vote Yes if Scotland did not automatically become a member of the EU, while 28 per cent said it would make them more likely to do so.

Almost half (49 per cent) agreed independence would cost Scotland many defence jobs. When asked if they thought claims that North Sea oil revenues are running out were true, 46 per cent said yes, while 37 per cent disagreed.