Theresa May: ‘Nation’s obsession with shoes interesting’

Prime Minister Theresa May: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire
Prime Minister Theresa May: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire
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The Prime Minister said it was “interesting” that people focused on her shoes when asked whether the constant questions about her choice of footwear were sexist, claiming male counterparts were not subjected to the same scrutiny.

But Theresa May said the nation’s obsession with her footwear gave her the excuse to buy more pairs of shoes.

On ITV’s Good Morning Britain she said: “It is interesting people focus on my shoes. I don’t think they focus on Philip Hammond’s or Boris Johnson’s in quite the same way. Do I regret the fact that people look at my shoes? Hey, it gives me an excuse to go and buy new shoes.”

Mrs May, who is more used to facing questions about “hard” or “soft” Brexit was also grilled about the consistency of the fat used to make scones.

At the weekend she shared her recipe for scones but did not discriminate between using butter and margarine. She said she had used both successfully, but hard fat was easier to work into the flour.

She said: “You have to rub it in with the flour. It’s often easier if it’s hard, you can get a good rub in. If it’s too soft it starts to become a bit claggy. I have made it in the past with both. Of course, I tend not to make the recipe now because of my diabetes, I don’t make too many scones. But I hope whoever makes the recipe enjoys them.”

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