Teacher hits out at John Swinney in second anonymous letter

A teacher who penned a letter about problems in the Scottish schools system which was brought up at Holyrood has hit out at the '˜lack of understanding' in the Government's response to her.

John Swinney. Picture: SWNS
John Swinney. Picture: SWNS

The letter, signed from simply ‘A Scottish Teacher’, gained prominence this week after it highlighted perceived failings in the approach of the Scottish Government to education.

The anonymous missive also spoke of a culture of fear and secrecy about speaking out about a ‘teaching crisis’.

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Ruth Davidson pressed Nicola Sturgeon on the letter at First Minister’s Question’s yesterday, with the SNP leader insisting that her administration is dealing with the concerns raised in the letter.

Education Secretary John Swinney sent a response to the letter, which sparked a furious reply.

A second letter from the same anonymous teacher was sent to Forth News.

It said: “I do not think that your response has gone anywhere near addressing the issues that I have raised. You began your response by stating that you are taking action to reduce workload and bureaucracy.

“I would challenge you to find me a teacher that doesn’t work over 10 hours above their contracted hours each week.

“The job is littered with bureaucracy, which means that you have less time to concentrate on the most important part of the job, which is teaching children.

“The very fact that the letter has had so many shares should show you the extent of the problem and that more needs to be done. I was saddened by some of the comments made by retired teachers and people who have left the profession, but completely understand why people are walking away.

“Did you read the comments that teachers, ex teachers, support staff and parents were writing?

“Please take these comments seriously. These people are your electorate, and we deserve more than the answers that you have provided.”