Tattoo artist offering £2 Yes Scotland tattoos

Picture: Yes Scotland
Picture: Yes Scotland
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A tattoo artist in Kirkcaldy is supporting Scottish independence by offering Yes tattoos to customers.

Aphra Wilson, owner of Spaghetti Tattoos in Kirkcaldy, is offering to ink customers for just £2 this weekend with the Yes Scotland logo to show support for the campaign for independence.

Aphra got a Yes tattoo herself to show her support for the campaign, which has led to many of her customers wanting the logo as well.

She said: “Over the last few months I have just become increasingly passionate about it, and find out as much as I can about it to pass that information to other people.

“I got a Yes tattoo myself, which got a phenomenal response on Facebook. From that another two guys got in touch with me to get similar tattoos.

“It snowballed from there. We were planning on doing a day in late August or early September, closer to the referendum date, but we have moved it up.

“We will probably do another day nearer the time as well as Saturday.

“All the money that is made will be given to Yes campaign.

“A Yes Kirkcaldy campaigner came round with lots of leaflets, stickers and information to give away, so everyone that comes in to the shop on Saturday to get a tattoo can take that away with them and read up on it as well.”

The tattoos are being offered to walk-ins at the shop in Kirkcaldy on Saturday 21st June.

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