Sturgeon urges voters to ‘stand up for Scotland’

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon
First Minister Nicola Sturgeon
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Nicola Sturgeon has reacted to Theresa May’s announcement of a snap general election by calling on supporters to “stand up for Scotland”.

Her response on Twitter came after the Prime Minister said that she would move for a UK poll to take place on 8 June.

Posting on Twitter, the First Minister said: “The Tories see a chance to move the UK to the right, force through a hard Brexit and impose deeper cuts. Let’s stand up for Scotland. #GE17.”

Earlier, her deputy, Angus Robertson, took to Twitter to say that the vote in June would be between the SNP and the Tories.

Under the Fixed Term Parliaments Act, an early election can only take place if two thirds of MPs support it.

A vote by MPs on Mrs May’s call will take place in the House of Commons tomorrow.